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Adams Architectural Associates is the premier church architectural firm in the Fairview Heights area. With 30 years of experience, we have lent our vision and expertise to design hundreds of churches across the country. Our award-winning architecture is renowned for stellar designs that are sensitive to the needs of your community.

We specialize in providing a unique service to ministers and pastors. Over our long history, we have become particularly attuned to creating sacred spaces that are impressive and inspiring. Whether you need to erect a new church or add onto an existing one, we have the skill and expertise to execute your idea from its initial conception to its final unveiling.

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Honest and Transparent Consultations for Church Architectural Services

You need an architect whom you can trust and who can provide a detailed design plan and honest construction bid.

At Adams Architectural Associates, we offer a seven-step consultation process that clearly establishes how we will finance your project, draft the contract, develop the schematics, design your institution, and administer its construction.

From the get-go, we utilize feasibility studies. We offer timelines to minimize risks and ensure the timely delivery of your project.

Our clients can attest to how successful our consultations are. We consider every detail of your project so that the construction plan meets your precise needs and remains within your budget.

Expert Designs by a Leading Church Architectural Firm

Our designs are renowned as masterful, timeless, and immaculate. We use our impactful architectural style to create a space that enhances the physical and spiritual experiences of your congregation.

What’s more, we don’t design your church to be only the spiritual heart of your congregation, but also the temporal center of your community.

In addition to sanctuaries, we design spaces for community recreation, education, performing arts, and food and retail services. We ensure that your church is a sacred space, but that it also functions as a focal point for all the goings-on of your community.

A Full-Service Firm for All Church Architecture Services

Unlike many firms, we’re not just a group of designers. We’re project managers, contractors, and expert architects. We oversee every stage of the construction of your church. From developing your initial concept to the finishing touches, we’ll be there to administer the project and monitor the quality and progress of the work.

When construction is complete, we’ll provide a final inspection and provide you with a Certificate of Substantial Completion to ensure that the building is ready for occupancy. And even after the project is complete, we will continue to be available for consultation and to mediate with contractors during the warranty period of your church.

With us, you know you have a reliable local church architectural firm. You can count on us to give you a well-built and exceptionally well-designed place of worship that will stand the test of time.

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At Adams Architectural Associates, we know we are one of the premier architectural firms for churches across the country. We want you to know it too.

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our upfront consultation process, our excellent professional services, and our stellar designs. From start to finish, we’re here to help build your church your way.

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