Construction Documents

Construction documents are a necessary part of the process when planning a construction project. It is one of the elements that tie your project together. It becomes essential for everyone, from designers and contractors to architects and subcontractors, to be on the same page regarding every detail of the structure you are looking to get built.

Adams Architectural Associates is a leading provider of the appropriate documents for construction projects, big and small.

If you are planning to construct a building for your home or office, contact us at (636) 537-9333 to get started on your construction planning and documents with us.

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What Is Involved in Creating Construction Documents

Our team of designers and architects will work with you one-on-one to note your design goals, specifications, dimensions and requirements. We will draw on our vast experience and expertise to provide you with concepts and recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

Once we have determined all the details of your project from you, we go into the design phase. Here, we will work with you to develop a site plan for your project, elaborate floor plans for everyone’s understanding, and ceiling plans, including electrical and lighting components. We will also draw up in great detail any elevations, whether interior or exterior, sections if necessary, and outline specifications if there are any.

After we have worked through the concept design and design development steps, Adams Architectural Associates will create a complete and thorough set of construction documents.

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Benefits of Hiring Adams Architectural Associates for Your Construction Documents

Do you want your building permits not to take eons to be obtained? Are you looking to hire the right construction contractor for your project in a quick manner? Maybe you have a stated timeline or budget you need your construction project to stick to. Or perhaps you are looking to coordinate the project amongst all your subcontractors easily and efficiently.

When you work with us, you are ensuring that your project planning and management are as streamlined as they could be from concept to completion. We have a stellar reputation for drawings that are thorough and complete down to the finest detail. With our construction documents on hand, you will be able to get the perfect contractor for your job quickly and have far fewer change orders in the middle of construction. You will also be able to source your building permits in no time, as there will be no room for error, doubts or revisions.

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Whether you are looking to build a warehouse, a retail outlet, an industrial complex, a mall or a custom home, we can draw up exact and accurate construction documents to speed up your construction process. We are well-versed in providing precise documents for commercial and residential projects on time and on budget.

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Construction Document Creation in St. Louis, O'Fallon and St Charles

Once the schematic designs have been fully developed, and the client is satisfied with how things are progressing, Adams Architectural Associates moves on to the next phase, the creation of construction documents.

Our experience creating construction documents that are fully representative of our client's wishes has made us a St Charles leader in the field of architecture. Detailed, accurate construction documents save our clients time and money by giving the construction company a clear portrait of what the project is intended to look like.

What are Construction Documents and Why Do They Matter?

Construction documents are detailed outlines of your new building that cover everything that the construction team needs to know in order to successfully build the structure. These documents are highly detailed and include everything from the materials to be used to the floor plan.

In a nutshell, construction documents are the first key piece of information that is passed along to the construction company, and contains essential information that allows them to start putting everything together. These documents are extremely important because of this; they are crucial outlines that builders can use to guide their work.

Building Documentation Increases Accuracy

Accuracy is always a significant concern with any documents produced during the design process, but because these documents are interpreted by a company other than Adams Architectural Associates, it is particularly important during this phase.

We strive to provide work that is within your budget, and we understand that any misrepresentations in the construction documents can lead to a quote that does not match your financial commitment. As a result, we are fully committed to producing the most detailed, accurate construction documents possible.

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Building Documentation Improves Communication

With every step leading up to this, we emphasize the importance of communication, and with construction documents it becomes clearer than ever why this is so essential. What may seem like a small change at this stage actually tends to require massive restructuring, because of how linked everything is.

For example, if you want to move a window to another area of the room, what implications does that have for where the pipes will run? Was there something else planned for that section of wall? Client communication is central to our business model, and by touching base throughout the design process we are able to make any necessary changes before passing the project on to your builders.

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Construction documents that are wholly representative of our client's vision allow building companies to work efficiently to complete a project within the agreed upon timeline. For documents that are to your exact specifications, look no further than the work produced by Adams Architectural Associates.

With years of experience creating custom building designs for a diverse St Charles clientele, we are here to help bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our talented team, and to get a quote for your project.